Kose is a brand that breathes and values the extensive use of colour at its core. Since our first steps during the founding of  our eponymous label, we little compromised upon the excellent quality and craftsmanship of our garments. 

Our collections always start with a feeling, and then they translate into colour combinations and extensive print research and development. We have engineered through-out the years, some key signature codes and shapes, that are deeply embedded into our DNA. 

All our themes and prints, derive from our love and enthusiasm of the rich Greek culture and History. We find that, Greek civilisation, one of the Ancient pillars of modern design status quo, can be very meticulously and  expressively translated into modern, vibrant and contemporary prints. 

We ONLY use organic and eco-friendly textiles and as we expand, we are eager to develop our sustainability and textile sourcing even deeper. More specifically, we use:







All of our garments are  being sampled and produced in Greece, by 2 local artisan ateliers. Each of our garment goes through an extensive quality control system to ensure construction and production meet our highest standards. 

We invite you to be part of our creation story. Each piece purchased, does not follow seasonal trends and forecasts, we are driven by a long lasting and long term use of our garments. Hence, all our prints and colours are timeless and unique.